biography toula liasi

Photography Aatjan Renders

Toula Liasi was born in Ayia Triada, Karpasia, Cyprus, in 1957, and lived
there until she was eighteen years old. In 1975, after living for a year in her
enclaved village, she left Cyprus to study abroad; first in Greece and later in
The Netherlands, where she went to finish her studies in visual arts.

In Athens, Greece, she studied drawing and painting at the Veloudakis Art
School (1975–1980), with professors Thodoros Pantos and Spyros
Koukoulomatis. She continued her studies in Fine Arts at the Royal
Academy of Art in The Hague (1980–1984) with a scholarship from the
Rotary Club Zwijndrecht.

Later, she completed her studies in the field of Education in Arts (BA) at the
Willem de Kooning Academy (2004–2006) and at Piet Zwart Institute (MA)
in Rotterdam (2013–2015). Since 1980, she has been living in the Hague,
working as an artist, while for nine years she served as an art teacher in
Dutch secondary schools. In recent years, however, she has also been
working in her hometown Ayia Triada, Karpasia, Cyprus.

Toula Liasi presented her work in a number of solo exhibitions in Cyprus
and The Netherlands and participated in many group exhibitions in
Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece and The Netherlands. Her works are in the
collection of the State Gallery of Contemporary Art in Nicosia and in
various private collections.

Although she lives abroad, her visual arts work –especially in recent
decades– is deeply influenced by the political situation in her homeland –
dealing primarily with the difficult aspects of the recent history of Cyprus.
Her work is inspired by deeply personal issues that are public at the same
time, such as the issues of the missing persons and those enclaved in
Karpasia, Cyprus.

Toula Liasi - A contemporary Cypriot artist based in The Hague