Dedicated to the enclaved people of Ayia Triada, Cyprus

Achaeans Coast consists of photographic portraits of villagers of
Ayia Triada in Cyprus and installations composed of lost and found
objects from their daily lives.

The Enclaved, photographs, 120×550 cm, 2004

Rusted Evidence, canvas, iron, stone, glass, thread, 150×150 cm, 2004

Stand-by, installation, dimensions variable, 2004

Crashed Memories, metal car part, 95x975x140 cm, 2004

The Landrovers, photograph, acrylic, 100×120 cm, 2004

Coloured Aid, installation, plastic bags, dimensions, variable, 2004

Standing and Swinging Aid, installation, photographs, linoleum print, plexiglass, dimension variable, 2004

Standing and Swinging Aid, Detail

A Life in a Pile of Boxes, carton, sand, photograph, 210x50x40 cm, 2004

Toula Liasi - A contemporary Cypriot artist based in The Hague